Meter Passport is a multi-chain router that enables smart contracts to both transfer assets and communicate across blockchains.
VoltSwap is the first major DEX in the Meter ecosystem. It is a completely community-driven project and was introduced by the team to showcase the capabilities of the Meter blockchain.
Multisig Wallet
Meter Multisig is the most trusted platform to manage digital assets.
Yield Track
Manage your Yield and LP tokens across all of your DeFi projects.
Meter SDK
Verse is a censorship resistant, front running resistant, high performance interconnected cloud for next gen DAO and DeFi.
You can earn MTR or MTRG and help secure the Meter network by staking your MTRG in the Meter desktop wallet.
Tofu NFT is an NFT marketplace focused on GameFi and collectibles, rebranded from SCV’s NFT market. Enjoy exploring & trading with your buddies!
TreasureBlox creates treasure hunts that takes communities on adventures, together, across the Metaverse. Unlock the hunt Vault and taking the prize!
Business Builders
Build your NFT empire. Simulate your empire with NFTs, fire and hire employees, build cities and worlds, find better relationships and simulate your business
MTRG, MTR & VOLT Jackpots 24/7. Go Lucky!
This is the place to discuss how best to implement and improve the governance of the Meter network.
Crosschain Synthetic Assets Protocol
Chee Finance
Chee Finance is building the most advanced cross-chain lending & borrowing protocol, with FT / NFT liquidity, starting on Celo.
Witnet enables your smart contracts to react to real world events with strong crypto-economic guarantees.
Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts.
Meter Punks
Meter Punks is an original set of algorithmically generated punks that will rock the Meter NFT space.
Uncle Bob
We are in 2030, BOB is an average OG ape that invested a good MTRG bag in 2022 & then retired in 2023. He has ever since devoted himself to his hobbies: Beer, crypto and alt seasons.
Baby Chimp Society
BCS is a collection of 5,050 Baby Chimp NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Meter sidechain.
Meter Miner
Hire, Grow, Harvest!
Meter Town
Community owned marketplace.
Meter Spaces
Join us at 9.30am PT every Sunday for a friendly talk on all things blockchain, Web3, DeFi, GameFi & more with Founder Xiaohan Zhu & other key leaders.
Meter Web3 Domains
Meter Name Service
Web Three Names
Web Three Names is a multi-chain domain name service. Mint your blockchain domains as NFT assets that will bind the domain to your wallet address.
Transcending digital goods into the NFT powered metaverse.